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Can you make more money as an owner-operator?

01.23.2020 - 12:24 PM Comments: 0

The issue of AB-5 in California almost put local owner-operators in a tough situation, as the law would have basically forced them to either become company drivers or take their operation elsewhere.

AB-5 was passed with the intention of helping independent contractors in the state, as it was supposed to force employers into making them full-time employees and giving them all the benefits that go along with that.

Nevertheless, that was not what happened. Upon its passage, thousands of gig workers lost their jobs, while others are still left in limbo. 

While a judge recently ruled that the law should not apply to the trucking industry, there’s still a plethora of unanswered questions as the law continues to be litigated federally.

Because of that, drivers in California may be forced to make a difficult—and life-changing—decision: should they become company drivers?

Being an owner-operator is extremely difficult, as you’ll have to know how to find your own profitable loads, a good truck, learn how to maintain your truck, in addition to a plethora of other responsibilities. 

The fact is, depending on your situation, you can be losing out on a lot of money being an owner-operator. As a company driver, truckers have a more stable income and access to better loads in some cases. 

The access granted to company drivers, in addition to the stability, could make it appealing for many affected by AB-5. Nonetheless, it’s more than likely that many owner-operators would rather not be under the control of a company.

The fact is, owner-operators prefer the freedom of being in charge of their own fate. With more financial independence, owner-operators can certainly be extremely profitable, as they get the bulk of the profits they make. 

Additionally, owner-operators have the option to negotiate favorable contracts with the companies they work with, whereas company drivers don’t have that option. With AB-5, however, these luxuries may be lost for owner-operators. 

So, what do you think? Would you switch over to being a company driver or move out of the state? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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